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Tommy Peppers

is a small but mighty and highly diverse market garden; offering fresh and naturally grown vegetables, herbs, flowers and plant starts to our local community.

"Naturally grown" means we do our level best to gently influence the farm in manner that would please Mother Nature, capture a little carbon and provide a clean, healthy product you can feel good about serving to your family. We are, in fact, Certified Naturally Grown. Naturally.


6 Glencoe Manor Ct Sparks, MD 21152   |   443.804.4255   |

Each week during the growing season, we offer a collection of the farm's favorites. Kick-start your kitchen each week with nature's bounty. Our Fielder's choice bags offer a fresh and healthy start to your week and sell for $15, $28 or $42! Or, check out a "Let's Go!" bag and get your salsa, salad or sauté started: items and prices vary.

The Little Fielder of 6 or more items is perfect for smaller families or families that (dare I say it) like to spread their veggie dollars around some. It is $28. This includes a substantial amount of veg.

The Big Fielder offers a few more items and bigger unit sizes. If you're serious about veg, please look no further. It is $42, and an appetite.

And now introducing the littlest Fielder of all: The Littlest Fielder. This is small basket for smaller households: This little guy will set you back $15, and includes 4 to 5 items, manageable portions.

Fielder's Choice boxes (bag really) will reflect the best of the season and the farm each and every week. This is not a CSA or subscription plan. No contracts, no need to write a big check today for future veg. It's a pay as you eat kind of thing.

We are, foremost, a "market garden". We are honored to grow for you and love hanging out with you. Farmer's markets, their vibe, richness of community and focus on local food systems, are central to how we chose to do business and interact with our customers. Please find us at Hereford Farm Market on Saturday mornings and the Night Market in Stewartstown first and third Friday evenings! 


Produce! It is our intention to always offer a broad variety of in-season veggies, ranging from roots to greens to fruiting vegetables. It is also our intention to grow them in a way that is respectful to your well-being and the wellbeing of the planet. So, no synthetic this and thats.

Flowers! We're excited to be partnering with the extremely talented Hilltop Botanicals. We offer Patty's fresh and dried arrangements through our "company store" and at our Wednesday market. Stay tuned for more offers and news.

Herbs! We grow and offer fresh herbs- to include oregano, basil(s), thyme, Lavendar, sage, chives and more!

Plants...or Crops in Pots! We'll get you started. Available in Spring, and for pre-order now. See our store for what's available from a lineup that includes herbs, tomatoes, peppers and more! Most items sold in 3.5" square pots, some in "gallon" pots.


Tommy Peppers has great and fresh produce!! We love visiting him at the Hereford farmers market. He is a great gardener and an even nicer guy, he makes our day everytime we see him at the market. I have also been able to visit his garden farm and it is amazing.

Sarah A

Manchester MD

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